Garage Conversions

Converting Your Garage

Garage conversions are an ideal solution to adding more living space to your home. If you live in Essex, Kent or London we can help you. Extra space can make all the difference to your homes value according to mortgage lenders.

Having a garage conversion is a great way to utilise unused space and transform it into a living space without going to the great cost of having a loft conversion or an extension.

A garage conversion can be a lot more inexpensive because you already have the foundations, walls and footings in place generally. The main task is to remove the garage door and install a window.

We have helped a number of clients over the years with our garage conversions.

Arranging a home visit

Using our contact form or by calling 0800 848 8211 you can arrange a visit. Evening and weekend visits are available.

We can discuss the specification for the project, we can even produce a basic layout plan of the loft room layout if you don’t already have a set of drawings.

This will help you understand the room layout and the size of the room. If you don't have drawings, we can provide these for you.

How We Work For You

We would like to run you through just how we go about our business. It is important to understand how a company works before you think about using their services, let alone letting them into your house! You wouldn’t have surgery with out first knowing how the surgeon was going to do to you, so why would you let someone open your house to the elements of the British weather without knowing how they are going to put it back?

Free Client Consultation

At this stage we can come to your home and speak with you, discuss your needs. What are you looking to gain? What is important to you? What are you looking at gaining? a living room? study? bedroom? We can provide you with what you want. It is just about ensuring that you get what you are looking for.

Free Quotation

After we have viewed your garage we can provide you with a free quotation. We break each stage of the garage conversion into phases with the prices outlined clearly.


Most of the times you do not need planning permission to have a garage conversion but you will need building regulations to be drawn up in order for you to lawfully convert your garage. However different planning rules apply to different councils, but don’t worry it’s very easy to find this out. This stage can be slightly complicated but we can help you out.

Fox Conversions will prepare building regulations and submit them to the local council for approval we will then ask for a first payment no deposit before hand is required. After getting the go ahead will we contract you and inform you to arrange a start date.


Fox Conversions only ask for a payment after the drawings and building regulations have been prepared and are ready for submission. We do not as for any payments or deposits before hand.  You don’t pay the full amount until the work is complete and you are happy with everything.

Commencing Work

Once the start date is arrange Fox Conversions will be on site that day and start works. We will ask for a second payment on the first day once materials and work stars on your garage.

First Fix

During the first week your garage will be transformed, the door will be removed the walls will be drylined and ready for plastering and the plumbing and electrics will be in place. The floor will also be installed and the opening will be created leading into the new room. 

Second Fix

The garage will now be plastered and the skirting, door frames, doors, architraves, window board etc. will now be installed into the new room. All surfaces will be prepared and ready for a paint finish. The electrical fittings will be installed along with any radiators that may need to be fitted.


Upon completion a building inspector will come to your home and check that everything is in accordance with building regulations. We only ask for a final payment when you are and the building inspector are happy.