Payment Plans

Example payment plan for a loft conversion, payment plans are available for extensions & garage conversions.

Stage 1

One week before commencement of your project we will carry out a pre-site survey. The scaffold will be erected and all materials will be ordered ready for the project to start. We will then require a 15% deposit on the commencement date.

Stage 2

The next payment of 20% will be due on structural completion; this is when all the structural beam have been fitted and have been passed by your local building control officer.

Stage 3

The next stage of your project will be the insulation, using only tested and proven methods and materials of insulation to bring your property up to the new laws / standards that are required by your local building control officer, once the control officer has passed the insulation stage of the build we would require a payment of 20% of the full amount quoted.

Stage 4

Now your project is ready for plasterboard. All the areas of your new build will need plasterboard for the plasterer to finish with set plaster at the same as this we will be erecting your internal walls; this is what we call the pre plaster payment. The pre plaster payment is 20% of the total quote.

Stage 5

Now your loft are is ready for plastering just before the plasters come in to plaster we have the stairs fitted, this is also the day that we enter your property as all the rest of the work is done from outside so as there is no disruption to your property. This payment is called the pre stairs payment which is normally collected the same time as the pre plaster payment and also 15% of the total quoted price.

Stage 6

Now your loft conversion has been plastered and your stairs have been fitted we move on to the finishing touches like the new doors, skirting and architraves handrails spindles and general making good all the alterations. All the lights / bathroom suite fittings etc. will all be completed and your loft will be ready for paint. At this stage we will require another 5% of the total quote price.

Stage 7

The final payment of 5% will be required once your project has had the final inspection from building control and they have checked the fire doors (if required) and smoke detection. We have made the payment plan this way purely for you so you know that you are getting the quality and workmanship you deserve for your money, as no payments are passed until each stage has been passed by your building officer.